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Our Menu

We cater for all needs and occasions. So if it’s a quick bite, Afternoon Tea, or Sunday Lunch you’re looking for, our menu has something tasty for all. All food is freshly prepared. Please be patient at busy times!

We cannot guarantee nut free. Please alert us of any allergy.

(V) vegetarian | (L) light | (GF) gluten free | (VE) vegan


Served until 11.30am / Sundays until 12 noon

Full English

Bacon, Cumberland Sausage, Mushrooms,
Beans, Scambled Eggs, Grilled Tomato, Toast and Butter


Scrambled Eggs & Smoked Salmon

Served on a toasted bagel


Scrambled Eggs & Avacado (V)

On white or brown bloomer bread


Bacon Sandwich

White or brown bread


Sausage sandwich

White or brown bread


Bacon & Scrambled Eggs

On white or brown toast


Beans on Toast (V)

White or brown toast


Scambled Eggs on Toast (V)

White or brown toast


Muesli with Berries (V)


Warm Porridge & Berries (V)


Fruit Salad


Light Bites


2 slices, brown or white, with butter



Toasted with butter



Two, toasted with butter


Cheesy Crumpets (V)

With melted cheese


Cinnamon Toast

Brown or white with sliced apple



Toasted with butter


Bagel with Cream Cheese or Cottage Cheese


Fruit scone

With butter (toasted if preferred)


Fruit Scone, Cream and Tiptree Preserve

Strawberry, Blackcurrant or Marmalade


Tiptree Preserves

Strawberry, Blackcurrant or Marmalade


Cream Cheese or Cottage Cheese (V)


Children’s Menu

For CHILDREN ONLY, when dining with adults

Small Sandwich

On multigrain brown or white bread, served with fruit and a choice of:

  • Cheese & onion (V)
  • Cheese & tomato (V)
  • Egg mayo (V) (L)
  • Roast ham
  • Roast beef
  • Tuna mayonnaise (L)


Small Soup & Sandwich Combo

Small bowl of soup and a small sandwich from above


Beans on toast (V)

On multigrain or white


Scrambled eggs on toast (V)

On multigrain brown or white


2 Sausage, Mash or Chips, & Beans


2 Fish Fingers, Chips & Beans


2 Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream

With wafer and raspberry sauce


Small Drink – Milk or Cordial


Smaller Appetites

Leckenby’s Fresh Speciality Soup (GF)

Delicious soup served piping hot with a roll & butter. Please see board or ask for current selections


Cheese on Toast topped with Bacon

On brown or white bloomer bread


Fish Cake

Served with a small, fresh salad and sweet chilli dip:

  • Sea Bass, Ginger and Lime or
  • Smoked Haddock & Mozzerella (GF)


Duck Liver Pate (GF)

With branded spiced fruit, served with toast and a small, fresh salad


Houmous (VE)

Served with 2 pitta breads and a small, fresh salad


Halloumi Fries (V) (GF)

Served with a small salad and sweet chilli dip


Brie Wedges

Served with a small salad and cranberry sauce



Soup and Sandwich Combo

Soup of your choice (please see board)
Served with Classic Sandwich of your choice


Soup & Toasted Sandwich Combo


Classic Sandwich

Served on multigrain brown or white bread with a generous accompaniment of salad, fruit and coleslaw. Your choice of:

  • Mature cheddar & red onion (V)
  • Egg Mayo (V) (L)
  • Roast Ham
  • Mature cheddar & tomato (V)
  • Topside of beef
  • Tuna mayo (L)

Closed £6.95
Toasted £7.25

Luxury Sandwiches

Served open on white or brown bloomer bread with a generous accompaniment of salad, fruit & coleslaw. Your choice of:

  • Flaked poached salmon with cucumber and lemon mayonnaise
  • Prawns and crushed avocado
  • Smoked salmon and cream cheese


B.L.T. (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayonnaise)

Served on toasted multigrain brown or white bread with a generous accompaniment of salad, fruit and root veg crisps.


Seafood Club Sandwich

Prawns and freshly-poached salmon with lettuce and lemon mayonnaise served on 3 slices of white or multigrain brown bread with
a generous accompaniment of salad, fruit and coleslaw


Wraps & Paninis

12″ Healthy Beetroot Wrap

With your choice of filling:

  • Roast chicken, chorizo, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto and Parmesan cheese
  • Acocado, roast chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato
  • £8.95


Served with a generous accompaniment of salad, fruit and root veg crisps. Choose from the following fillings:

  • Roast chicken, bacon, brie & cranberry sauce
  • Mature cheddar & tuna melt
  • Cumberland pork sausage with mustard mayonnaise and red onion marmalade
  • Roast beef with mushrooms, red onion marmalade & mature cheddar



Please see boards for today’s specials

Fish Cakes

Served with salad and a sweet chilli dip. Your choice of:

  • Sea bass, ginger and lime
  • Smoked haddock and Mozzarella (GF)


Jacket Potato

Served with a generous accompaniment of salad, fruit and coleslaw with your choice of filling:

  • Beans (V) (GF)
  • Mature cheddar (V) (GF)
  • Egg mayo (V)
  • Cottage cheese & pineapple (V) (GF) (L)
  • Tuna mayo (L)

With Filling (see above) £7.95
Plain (no filling) with butter £5.95
With Chilli Con Carne £8.95


Served with either chips or salad. (GF) Your choice of a mix of any of the following:

  • Mature cheddar (V) (GF)
  • Ham
  • Mushroom (V) (GF)
  • Tomato (V) (GF)
  • Onion (V) (GF)



Handmade quiche with fresh cream, whole egg and mature cheddar cheese, served with a generous accompaniment of salad, fruit and coleslaw. See board for today’s choices


Liver & Onions

Lamb’s liver cooked with onions in a rich gravy and served with chunky chips or mashed potatoes, and vegetables


Chilli Half and Half

Chilli Con Carne served with half chips and half rice



Our unique combination of delicious crisp salad, coleslaw and mouth-watering fresh fruit, with your choice from:

  • Roast chicken
  • Cottage cheese and pineapple (V) (GF) (L)
  • Roast ham
  • Roast beef
  • Tuna mayo (L)

Or with prawn mayo or freshly poached salmon (warm or cold) £9.95


Premium Chicken, Leek & Wiltshire Ham Pie

Large individual pie full of large pieces of chicken breast, leeks and Wiltshire ham cooked in a creamy white sauce, all wrapped in delicious butter-enriched shortcrust pastry, served with chunky chips or roast potatoes, vegetable medley and gravy


Afternoon Teas, Puddings and Cakes

Selection of delicious cakes

Coffee & Walnut (V), Lemon Drizzle (V), Chocolate Fudge (V), Lemon Meringue (V), Carrot (V)(GF), Fresh Fruit Cheesecake (V)(GF), Trio of Minicakes

All at £3.95

Hot Puddings

Ginger Pudding, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Apple & Blackberry Crumble
All served with custard, cream or ice cream

All at £5.95

Cold Sweets

3 scoops of vanilla ice cream or Fruit & ice cream

All at £3.95

Afternoon Teas (served from 2pm daily)

Leckenby’s Traditional Afternoon Tea


Vegetarian Afternoon Tea


Prosecco Afternoon Tea


Children’s Afternoon Tea (when dining with an adult


Traditional Sunday Lunch

Choice of roast beef or roast chicken

With roast and mashed potatoes, vegetables and gravy


Side Orders

Bowl of chips

Old-fashioned thick cut chips (V) (GF)


Hot Drinks

Loose Leaf Teas

  • Ceylon Bop our house blend to suit most tastes
  • Earl Grey lightly scented with bergamot
  • Chamomile a calming tea made from natural leaves with no additives
  • Peppermint a specialist tea from China, renowned for its medical qualities
  • Yorkshire Blend What! In Lancashire!! It is a lovely tea though!
  • Green a light tea that contains natural antioxidants
  • White lightly oxidized tea from leaves and buds that are allowed to wither in natural sun
  • Decaffeinated for those who prefer to drink their tea caffeine-free
  • Fruit orange and passionfruit


£2.65 per person

Cafetière of coffee

  • Leckenby’s Special house blend of medium coffee from three continents
  • Brazilian a smooth and mellow flavoured coffee
  • Decaffeinated a medium roast Columbian with 97% of caffeine removed
  • Sumatra full flavour with a hint of acidity, a full-roast with no bitter-sweet taste
  • Columbian High full bodied with a slightly nutty flavour and a touch of acidity
  • Continental our darkest roasted and strongest coffee from a single Arabica bean
  • Amaretto infused medium blend
  • Vanilla Hazelnut infused medium blend


for one £2.95
for two £5.45


A double shot of Espresso Crema with hot milk (served
decaffeinated if preferred)

Small £2.65
Regular £2.95

Add a flavoured syrup (vanilla, salted caramel, gingerbread) (V)



A double shot of Espresso Crema topped with frothy milk and sprinked with chocolate (served decaffeinated if preferred)

Small £2.65
Regular £2.95

Royal Cappuccino

One shot of Espresso Crema with hot milk, topped with cream and sprinkled with chocolate (served decaffeinated if preferred)


Cafe Mocha

Hot chocolate served with a shot of Espresso Crema and
topped with cream


Hot Chocolate

Leckenby’s House Blend


Topped with cream and marshmallows £3.65

Cold Drinks

Cordials (Mr Fitzpatricks)

A choice of:

  • Blackcurrant*
  • Cranberry & Pomegranate*
  • Elderflower & Bramley Apple
  • Lemon, Yuzu & Tumeric
  • Lime & Lemongrass
  • Rhubarb & Rosehip
  • Sasparilla (served sparkling only)
  • Sour Cherry, Red Grape & Hibiscus*
  • Strawberry & Kiwi

Can be served still or sparkling
(Those marked * can be served HOT)


“Freshly-Squeezed” Orange juice


Fentiman’s Dandelion & Burdock


Fentiman’s Lemonade Shandy


Coca Cola or Diet Coca Cola


Spring Water

Still or sparkling



Banana, chocolate or strawberry




Alcoholic Drinks



  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Grigio
  • Sauvignon Blanc


  • Merlot
  • Shiraz

Bottle £15.95
Large 25cl glass £5.95
Medium 17.5cl glass £4.95
Small 12.5cl glass £3.95


Bottle £23.00
Glass 17.5cl £6.50


Peroni 330ml £3.95

Opening Hours

Please note that we only take bookings (0161 761 1191) for parties of four or more, Wheelchair users, or Afternoon Teas. Everyone else will be seasted upon arrival.

9.30am - 4.30pm

9.15am - 5.00pm

11.00am - 4.00pm

How to Find Us

We are situated in Bury’s Millgate Shopping Centre – on Minden Parade opposite Boots. The Metrolink & bus interchange is two minutes walk away, and there are many surrounding car parks.

Our Address

Mill Gate Shopping Centre,
27 Minden Parade,

Tel: 0161 761 1191