You know what’s coming….

Sadly, it’s been taken out of our hands.
We had hoped to continue trading, albeit on reduced hours, but sadly we must tempoararily close for the forseeable future.
I can’t help thinking that there is a lot more to this than we are being told.
The number of fatalities is dwarfed by the number of people who have died with flu during the same period, yet here we are in an unprecedented situation where the whole country is almost in lock-down.
Many businesses will not survive and thousands of jobs will be lost.
It’s a terrifying thought, but I only hope the swift action taken will allow life to return to normal as soon as possible.
To all our customers:
Thanks for your support in the past
Thanks for understanding that to close is not our decision
We look forward to seeing you all again, hopefully in a matter of weeks.

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  1. See you when your back. Keep well guys

  2. Will miss you all – but hope to see you again soon xxx

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