Press Release


29th June 2017

LECKENBY’S TEAROOM in Minden Parade, is joining the celebrations marking the 25th Anniversary of Bury’s popular Millgate Shopping Centre.

Having been a part of the centre for almost 20 years (Leckenby’s will mark their own anniversary in December), the multi-award-winning Tearoom is offering a chance to all customers to win LECKENBY’S vouchers.  Throughout July, commencing on Saturday 1st, EVERY customer on EVERY visit will be given a numbered ticket.  At the end of the month, 25 lucky tickets will be drawn, and the holders can collect their prize of £20 worth of LECKENBY’S TEAROOM VOUCHERS.

The lucky winning numbers will be displayed in the Tearoom, on LECKENBY’S website, on LECKENBY’S Facebook page and on the Millgate Website.   Wishing the Millgate Centre well on their anniversary, LECKENBY’S looks forward to being a part of this thriving shopping and leisure centre for many years to come.