Here we go again!

Sadly, having returned to some sort of normality, we are once again being forced to close.

Frustrating isn’t the word.

So from Thursday of this week, the doors will be shut and not re-opened again until Thursday 3rd December.

I can assure everyone that this is not what we would have wished for, and our staff are equally upset, but alas, we have no choice.

Let’s be honest, until a vaccine is found, this nasty virus will never go away (and even then it may stay with us), so we have to be prepared to live with it as best we can.

Shutting down virtually the whole country again with the financial, business, work and mental health consequences had better be worth it, otherwise there will be many questions posed to the doom-mongers who seem to have a grip on the Government whereas the more optimistic scientists are brushed aside as though their positivity is an inconvenience.

Let’s hope that in a months’ time, we can return to “normal” and begin living without all these restrictions.

We’ll be back then, with the doors flung open and welcoming everyone back with a massive smile.

Until then, we all need to keep smiling, even if we don’t feel like it, and get through this latest obstacle as positively as possible.

Oh….and when will the politicians finally develop a backbone sufficiently to send this multi-billion pound bill to the Chinese government?

Keep well!

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  1. So sorry we haven’t been able to get over to support you these last couple of weeks. Unfortunately we both got the nasty virus. We are doing OK now and as soon as you reopen we will be there. I loved your closing words and totally agree, China should be made to foot the bill. Best wishes and stay safe.

    1. Why should China have to pay? Go down that route, country’s making financial reparations, and the UK would find itself bankrupt.

  2. As a scientist I agree. We most certainly do need to be dealing in facts. I, too, am not sure this latest lockdown is necessary. When it ends and people start to mix again the virus will start circulating again. We’ve two choices until a vaccine comes along (and there’s no guarantee it will): Either carry on as normal or go into lockdown until we’re all vaccinated. This yo-yoing between normal behaviour and lockdown is just incredibly pointless.

    I was with you all the way until you said we should bill the Chinese. We can’t start going round blaming other countries because the first person to be infected happened to be in that country. That route is very dangerous and Iraq could send us a very large bill for the mess we helped create there.

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